The world’s longest to-do list

Last week Nate and I went to a training at the FSI about the logistics of moving overseas for adults.  It was a solid two and a half hours of being told what we need to do before we move and why.

In addition to getting Athena’s transportation sorted out, going through our stuff, and renting out our home, we also have to scan all our important documents; put together wills, health directives, and powers of attorney; get lots of insurance; inventory all our things; and other stuff that my over-loaded brain is probably forgetting.

What I want to know is how did the people that left for post eight weeks after swearing-in manage to do everything?

It’s overwhelming thinking that moving from place to place every two or three years is going to be the norm for the next twenty or so years.  Maybe eventually we’ll just be so used to it, it won’t seem like a big deal?  Right now I’m struggling with finding balance between wanting to just get rid of everything and go minimalist, and keeping the stuff that I’m emotionally attached to.

Then there’s the idea of having to recreate a network of friends every time we move.  I know we’ll bump into people that we already know from time to time, but mostly we’ll be making new friends at each post.  Just thinking about that makes me tired.

Anyhow, the training was really helpful, although going from working 9-5 to a training from 6-8:30 was not exactly fun.  But I’d highly recommend it and I’m glad that they offer it in the evenings.

And because there haven’t been enough pictures of Athena lately, I’ll end with this one.  She had a playdate with some fellow DiploDogs, and they look like triplets!

Athena is in the middle, with her little snaggle tooth

Athena is in the middle, with her little snaggle tooth

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