Adventure blogging in covid times

First sunset of 2021! Taken while camping at Steinheim Farm

I’ve had some major writer’s block lately. There are literally at least 10 blog posts sitting in draft form. Honestly, I think a big part of it is guilt. I feel guilty that we are able to get out and explore Namibia when so many people are stuck at home and/or have lost their jobs and/or are mourning the deaths of family members and/or friends.

What makes me so special that I should get to go on adventures and have fun when so much of the world can’t? 

I’m not special; I’m lucky. And I know very well that our luck could change at any minute. 

We are lucky to be in Namibia, with its abundance of wide open spaces, camping opportunities, and outdoor culture, during the covid era. We are lucky to both be healthy and have stable government employment. We are lucky to be right here, right now.

That said, we’ve had gloomy moments, our share of lockdowns and restrictions here in Windhoek, COVID-19 symptoms and SARS-CoV-2 swabbing, so it hasn’t all been cupcakes and rainbows. 

Sunset/moonrise at Madisa Camp in Damaraland

But I’m going to rip off the bandaid, start writing, and pressing “publish” again. I have a lot to tell you about! And pictures to share! After receiving a ton of rain in January and February, most of Namibia is currently spectacularly green and beautiful. There’s even water in Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert!

Water at Sossusvlei. So wild.

We are eagerly waiting for our families and friends to come visit us in Namibia. Until then, we will continue to explore and have adventures. And I will write.

Sunsets in Namibia never fail to impress