An intermission

So, I’m back in the US.

I didn’t want to leave Dhaka, but the State Department made me go because I’m having a baby.

But I’ll be back in Dhaka as soon as physically possible, newborn in tow.

In the meantime, I’m eating peaches, sweet corn, ice cream, fresh berries, and bacon, and enjoying spending time outside.  Nate sends me photos daily of Athena and keeps me up-to-date on Dhaka happenings.

We’ve already started planning how we’ll pack our six checked bags (two each for me, Nate and the baby) for the flight back to Bangladesh, and you’d better believe that one of the bags will be a cooler packed with meat and cheese.  Who needs clothes when you can pack bacon and bratwurst instead? And baby clothes are so darn tiny you can pack a year’s worth in one bag easily.

Sorry, kid, the pork products win.  Someday you’ll understand.