Adjusting to life in Muscat

Things are going well so far! Jet lag was more of a doozy this time around than expected and for several nights I couldn't fall asleep before 3 am. That sucked.

We love our housing and neighborhood. There is a grocery store, restaurants, and even a Starbucks within walking distance. The sidewalks are functional and it's easy to stroll around the neighborhood. Athena has two small yards that she can run around in!

One thing about our house that's taking some getting used to is the number of light switches. Between the first and second floors there are 63 light switches, and that's not counting the switches that provide power to appliances like the hot water heaters or the stove fan. These are all the light switches by the front door. Here we are lucky because half of them are labeled. Throughout most of the rest of the house there are no labels.

Thanks to our social sponsors, we found a good shawarma shop near a sandy beach. Last week we got shawarma and falafel sandwiches to go and ate dinner on the beach while M played in the surf. Well, technically I ate dinner while Nate kept M from drowning and then vice versa. The beach here is beautiful and the sun sets right over the water. I felt like I was on vacation. It's hard to believe we actually live here sometimes.
The restaurant scene here in general is pretty good. If you're used to paying D.C. prices, it's nothing out of the ordinary.

We don't have internet yet, so I'm blogging from my phone. I have no idea when we will actually get the internet set up. Luckily cellular data is relatively inexpensive, and that's really all I need. It would be nice to get the VPN set up so we can FaceTime with our families (Oman blocks all VOIP calls), but I know it will happen eventually.

Mostly it's the little things that I enjoy the most. I've missed hearing the call to prayer several times a day. We can't hear it inside our house but I always here it when we are out and about. I love stepping outside and smelling the salty sea air. It almost makes me forget how blazing hot it is. Almost. There are dumpsters everywhere for throwing garbage away and the streets are so clean. Muscat is definitely not a bad place to be.

Alright, my hands have fallen asleep from typing on my phone. We have planned for some fun stuff over the long Eid weekend and hopefully there will be more to come here soon. Preferably typed out on a computer.