Moving right along

We leave in less than two months.

I’ve given my job notice of my departure date. [Although I still don’t have definite full-time work in Dhaka, which is worrisome because, hello, student loan payments.]

Our flight to Dhaka is reserved. [We selected the only route we can safely take Athena on.]

Our pack-out is scheduled. [We still have lots of stuff to sort through and sell/donate/give away/trash.]

Athena has her no-objection import certificate. [But we might need to buy her a bigger crate, which will put us over the 30 kg weight maximum.  Also her import certificate says she’s yellow, but she’s black, so we need to get that fixed too.]

We’ve gotten our vaccinations. [Ouch.]

We’ve selected a property management company. [We’re making a dent in the home repairs, while watching our checking account balance shrink.]

Nate passed his Bangla test. [WAHOOOOOO!]

Things are coming together quickly, and we’ll be leaving before we know it.  We are so excited and very much ready for our next adventure!


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