Eating all the food

We leave in exactly a month.  Thirty days!

In addition to the usual holy-shit-we-need-to-do-this-now craziness of getting ready for a big move, we are also attempting to clean out the freezer.  I inventoried our freezer contents last weekend, and the good news is that we don’t need to do that much grocery shopping over the next few weeks.  The bad news is that there’s lots of random crap in there.

Some things are easier to deal with than others, like frozen pizza.  All you have to do is, obviously, bake the pizza.  Today I had pumpkin soup that I’m pretty sure I made in November for lunch.  It was still really tasty, surprisingly.

Tonight we are using up one of two packages of ground turkey and some fresh bread crumbs by making turkey meatloaf.  This will also help use up the ridiculously large amount of ketchup that we still have.  We also have tons of fresh berries in the freezer and pastry crust, so I’m also making a sour cherry crostata.

Some things I’m glad to have an excuse to use, like the leftover roasted pumpkin and cranberries.  I’ll bake up something yummy and not feel guilty because I had to use the stuff in the freezer.  Waste not, want not.  Also a random package of breakfast sausage which is so unhealthy we would typically never buy it.  But I think I bought it one year for stuffing and didn’t use it, so one morning we will have eggs and sausage.

We also have about six cups of roasted corn in the freezer.  I think a corn chowder is in our future… some of that frozen bacon (we have four packs) would go well in corn chowder too.

Not freezer-related, we also have far more open bottles of liquor than we could ever possibly manage to drink.  We are having a party a few weeks before we leave, the main purpose of which is to make other people drink our alcohol.  Whatever doesn’t get drunk we will probably give to our neighbors.  Perhaps as a form of payment for watching over our house until it gets rented.


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