Sorting stuff and more stuff

In less than four months we are moving to Dhaka.  It’s getting real!

We have started going through all the stuff we’ve accumulated since we finished Peace Corps and before.  I’m amazed by the amount of crap I’ve kept over time.  I still have my undergraduate textbooks and language workbooks.

Some things I’m glad I kept, like the map of Moldova that PC gave us when we first arrived in country, and all the random photos and cards.  I’m not entirely sure why I kept my notebooks from undergrad, but they did make for an interesting read before going into the recycling.  I also found several rolls of films that I shot in Moldova, and I need to get the photos put on CDs before we move.

A few weeks ago I took down our Christmas decorations and sorted everything into plastic containers for either storage or the cargo ship.  In addition to extremely breakable or sentimental Christmas ornaments, we are also putting all our inherited china and crystal and anything else irreplaceable into storage.

We have been in touch with the embassy regarding bringing Athena with us.  It seems like all we need is her vaccination history and a generic health certificate, but, honestly, I don’t know.  We are planning to send the documentation in about a month earlier than necessary to give ourselves some time in case they need anything else.  Also I guess there’s an international microchip that’s required for a lot of countries, but not Bangladesh.  I think when we take Athena in for her health certificate we will get the microchip anyways, because she’ll need it for later posts and if we can take care of it now, that’ll probably be easiest.

Ha.  I just read the paragraph above and it’s clear there are still a lot of questions.  I didn’t know I had so many different ways of communicating uncertainty.  “It seems like,” “I don’t know,” “I guess,” “I think,” “in case”… we will figure it all out eventually!


Athena basking in her favorite spot in the yard on a warm sunny day!

Athena basking in her favorite spot in the yard on a warm sunny day!


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