The what-do-you-mean-we-only-get-one-I-want-15 list…

… also known as the the I-could-definitely-handle-living-there-for-2-years list, the It-will-never-be-as-bad-as-Peace-Corps list, or the Our-low-picks-ban-pits list.

Any of those descriptors sum up our bid list.  There are so many really, really awesome posts (some of which we bid high because when you see something like that how can you *not* bid it high? And then others that we didn’t bid high because they ban certain dog breeds) and it’s overwhelming thinking that we will get just one of them.  I mean, obviously we can’t have all our top choices, but what if some of these amazing posts never show up on a bid list again?  I would be really sad if I never had a chance to live in some of these countries.

For instance, one top choice is in a tropical area where we would have a house (with a yard!  You know we love yards!), and maybe even fruit trees, and I would have employment opportunities.  But if we got that post we wouldn’t be able to go hiking in the mountains on the weekends, and the climate would be hot all the time.  If we got the post near the mountains then we would only get produce that is seasonal and winters could be crappy.

Are there any places with a USA embassy or consulate that are on an ocean/major body of water, have mountains close by, local tropical produce and temperate climate all year long, we would live in a single-family home, is relatively safe and dog-friendly,  and have no major air pollution, and good travel opportunities?

I can’t think of any.

One thought on “The what-do-you-mean-we-only-get-one-I-want-15 list…

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