Off we go

This weekend we are heading to Canada for a week.  A week!  Nate and I are really looking forward to it, and I know Athena would be excited if she understood what was happening.


Water, sand, and a doggie obstacle course. What isn’t to love?

Normally there is no way that I would tell the internet and anyone who might happen to read this blog that we are leaving our house unoccupied for a week as of this weekend, but I know no one will read this post until after we get back.  In fact, no one will read any of this blog until after we already know where we will be posted.  It is all part of my plan to ensure that I remain employed at my job until at least August 1, at which point it will rain flowers and chocolate, the angels will sing, and I will be 100% vested.

So, yes, I am blogging knowing that no one is even reading.

Anyhow.  Nate’s parents have a house on the lake in Parry Sound, and we have gone there almost every summer since I moved here.  Athena loves it more than anyone.  She gets to go swimming, explore the woods, piss off the squirrels and chipmunks, pretend she’s a person and sit on the deck chairs, and basically run free the entire time.  It’s doggy paradise.  There’s still a lot to do before we leave (important stuff, like buying s’mores fixings) but the plan is to leave early Saturday morning.

She knows there are squirrels and chipmunks up there somewhere.

She knows there are squirrels and chipmunks up there somewhere.

It’s a little crazy knowing that when we come back it will be time for Nate to start his A-100 class.  Time flies!

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