Reality: yard work

We have a large yard.  By Northern-Virginia-close-to-the-metro standards, anyway.  In most of the rest of the country, a third of an acre probably isn’t a big deal.   But it is for us, both literally and figuratively.

Back in 2010, the first thing that drew us to our current home was the yard.  And we know that when we rent out our house, the yard will be an important factor.  A big green oasis, t’s a dog owner’s dream!  Plenty of space to run around and have playdates, trees that provide cool shady spots, and areas along the fence perfect for basking in the sun.  People with human children would probably like it too.

We let the yard go wild when we were in Southeast Asia last month, and it’s taken us several weeks and four separate mowing sessions to, uh, tame the beast.   Yesterday we spent most of the evening outside mowing, weed-whacking, raking, trimming trees and bushes, uprooting trees, and weeding.  Now that Nate will be around on the weekends, we have lots of yard projects we’d like to do, like putting brick pavers around the garden beds, finally building a fire pit, and other stuff I’m not remembering.  Athena had a fun time with a tree as her new chew toy.

Yard work is exhausting, but it’s rewarding.  The results of your efforts are immediately visible, and I am all for instant gratification.

Also, if anyone has any advice on how to install fieldstone borders around our garden beds (aside from hiring a contractor), I’m all ears!

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