The start of something new

I’m sitting here at my desk, “working” and obsessing over our future life in the Foreign Service.  Nate starts his A-100 training class at the end of the month and it is all I can think about.  I daydream about potential postings, worry about how Athena will handle the plane ride, wonder what life will be like (parties! free housing! parties! moving every two years!?), and fret about how much money we’ll spend getting our house ready to rent.

Nate, on the other hand, is as cool as a cucumber.  I wish I had his ability to just sit back and let the time go by until June 30th.
Athena, obviously, has no idea what’s going on, and her primary concerns are finding the optimum snuggle spot and when she might get fed next.  The good news is that she can still get her BarkBoxes when we are overseas!  Man, does she have a rough life or what.

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